HAB Guide

Welcome to the in-progress guide to everything you want to know about running your own space program. I started working on my first balloon project in 2013, worked on this guide off and on around 2016-2018, now I am picking it up in a meaningful way again in 2021. I don’t (yet) know what content has been produced since I last looked into this, but based on what I saw developed in the first several years of my research, there will still be plenty of gaps in the material.

I first ran this as an elective during my second year of teaching abroad, but this failed. I later ran two one-week workshops for high school students with 35 contact hours per week and then a launch at the end of the summer. I also ran a one-weekend workshop with middle and high school students.


Atmosphere & Environment



TWO VERSIONS Camera & Photography

Memory Cards


GPS & Tracking

TWO VERSIONS Live Tracking with APRS

Power & Batteries


Cord & Connectors

TWO VERSIONS Radar Reflector

Balloon Selection

Parachute Selection


Flight Prediction

Aviation Charts

FAR Part 101


Inflation & Launch


Flight Termination

Feel free to write me at hab.9992b@kj6.dev

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